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We are an all-around tiling services contractor committed to delivering excellence in tiles installations and restorations. With years of experience and a commitment to the best in craftsmanship, you can count on us to provide unrivalled quality in your tiling installations. We handle all aspects of the work process, including surface preparation, efficient layouts, applying adhesives, waterproofing, grouting and tile cutting, among others.
With our sure hands, you can trust on a work that is durable, aesthetically pleasing and one that is done with superior workmanship. We offer wide-ranging commercial and residential tiles services. Whether you are looking for bathroom floor tiling, kitchen splashback, floor and wall tiling, alfresco tiling services, tiling repair or removal, you can trust our team to exceed your expectations and satisfy your precise needs.
Our team has excellent communication and listening skills. We take our time to understand and map out your needs to ensure we deliver precisely according to the project brief. You can trust our experience and unique understanding of the trade to help you take your home improvement projects from concept to reality. No matter the scale or scope of your tiling needs, we will deliver to your satisfaction with excellence in quality, attention to detail and professionalism. We can take on any job, from the simplest to the most challenging projects that need great care and real skills.
Over the years, we have built excellent relationships with our clients who don’t hesitate to recommend our services to their networks. We have built a solid reputation that is based on professionalism, safety and superior craft. We strive to offer our clients sheer perfection, no matter their needs. We deliver a job that not only brings the best in your tastes and preferences but one that will last you a lifetime.
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Things to Consider When Hiring Tilers Newcastle, Hunter Valley Region

We pack a wealth of experience when it comes to home renovation. Our dependable team of tile installers have been in the industry for years and have handled projects of varied scope and complexity with excellent results. We are skilled in all aspects of the trade, from helping you select the right porcelain for your home to applying the finishes. We keep up to date with the latest trends and technologies in the tiling industry and can guarantee you the best results.

Proven Quality Products

You can trust our knowledge and experience in the industry to help you source the highest quality of products which are long-lasting and with excellent aesthetic appeal. We can recommend tried and tested flooring products that have worked for our clients in the past.

Detailed Craftsmanship

We take great pride in the quality of our work. When you hire us, you can be sure every detail of the project will be up to standard, and your mosaic will be installed correctly and with excellent attention to details. We use only the best materials that guarantee you quality and sturdiness in your tile installations.

Clear and Honest Communication

Professional tiling installations require a lot of organization and coordination with the client. We take our time to work with you to choose and install the ceramic pieces and finishes that will be suitable for you and your environment. We are open to communication from start to finish. We meet our clients, often consult and ensure that we have a full grasp of your needs before we embark on your tiling improvement. We strive to cut through the jargon and explain all the process and materials required for the successful completion of your projects.

Knowledgeable and Trained Tile Installers

All our staff at Newcastle and Central Coast are well-trained, certified and licensed to carry out professional, high quality and seamless flooring installations. We have a vast knowledge of the job, including the materials to use and the best techniques for excellent outcomes. Our team offers high-quality hand-trowelled tile finishes with the highest degree of skills. We always research and apply new products and finishes selected on their suitability, design and strength. As an accredited tile installer, our team has handled many residential and commercial tile installation projects.

Quality Guarantees

Our professionalism, strong work ethic, experience, expert advice and attention to detail can guarantee you only excellency. We travel the extra mile to ensure you are satisfied with the final product. Our floor and wall installations are laid to stand the test of time.
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What are Tilers Newcastle services?

Surface Preparation

Our team has the expertise to carry out the thorough surface preparation required for the best results in tiling laying. We clean, smooth and dry the surface before we begin with the installations. We take our time to not only repair but also patch and level the uneven or damaged areas. We level the ply linings, cement boarding and remove existing tiles.
We also get rid of all mouldings, trims as well as appliances that could affect the tiling work. We clear the surface of all the potential complications to ensure the work proceeds smoothly and achieves the best results, structurally and aesthetically.

Layout and Design

We carry out efficient and correct tile layouts on your surfaces. We offer both interior and outdoor tile layouts. Whether you are looking for contemporary, modern or colonial pattern inspirations, we can provide you with the much-needed assistance in picking tile patterns and design that match your interior décor and personal preferences.


Once a tiling layout has set in, our professional tilers can fill in the joints to consolidate the entire flooring into a single mass and give it the ‘finished’ look. We offer expert grouting that will provide your design with a beautiful and polished look and feel.

Tile Installation

We offer professional tile installation for both residential and commercial projects. We use techniques and materials that adhere to standards. Get perfect finishes that exceed your expectations.


The grout eventually gets worn out with time and loses its original pristine look. Our Hunter Valley experts can re-grout the damaged, discoloured or worn out areas of your tiling to give your spaces a fresh lease of life.


Let us seal your worn shower floors to ensure maximum longevity and for ease of maintenance. We use multiple colour ranges of silicone sealants that can match your grout range to give your toilet the perfect finish.

Bathroom Tiling Services

Talk to us today and let us deliver a tiling perfection for your bathroom no matter your design preferences, size or budget. Whether you are building a new bathroom or restoring an old one, our licensed, certified and professional tilers work with great attention to detail and unparalleled quality standards to handle your bathroom tiling needs from start to finish. Our experts can assist you with all aspects of your bathroom tiling projects, including planning, colour, material selection, as well as all the other nuanced details in between. We work with you every step of the way for your bathroom tiling and repairs right from the concept inception to the delivery of a magnificent and ready-to-use bathroom. If you are looking for the best service call Newcastle Bathroom Renovations.

Kitchen Tiling Services

From cooking to washing utensils or handling dirty pans, kitchen surfaces can get messy, making them a prime candidate for tiling renovation. We can offer a full range of kitchen tiling service including kitchen flooring, kitchen walls and splashbacks. We mix practicality and interior décor considerations to deliver a stylish-looking and functional kitchen remodel Fremont CA that is easy to clean and maintain and which looks lovely on your kitchen.

Commercial Tiling Services

As a full-size and certified tile contractor, we can offer you a wide-ranging commercial tiling service that will enhance the beauty and function of your business interiors. Our tiling service is of exceptional quality, so you are assured of stunning walls and floor tiling solutions that will rank with the best of the market out there. We can lay all types of mosaic and stones on your commercial buildings including marble, ceramic, mosaic, porcelain, slate, natural stone or Victorian tiles and much more. As a commercial tiling contractor, we have built a reputation and excellent track record of success in handling even the most challenging and intricate commercial projects with pristine quality. We provide professional services for all kinds of surfaces including lobbies, showers, patios, countertops, backsplashes, steam rooms, cut-to-size stones, large format tiling installations and mosaics, among others. 

Floor and Wall Tiling

We can handle professional floor and wall tiling projects for both homeowners and commercial building projects. We can manage any size and type of flooring on kitchens, bathrooms, splashback and shower enclosures. We also do re-tiling to fix loose tiles. Our expert craftsmanship is sure to impress. Whether for your kitchen or bathroom tiling needs, our tilers are on hand to help.
Our team of floor and wall tile installers can assess your space and work with you every step of the way, including taking measurements and choosing the right tiles, that create bespoke tiling patterns that match your home or business style and preferences. We work with all types of materials and lay the balanced and beautiful floor and wall tiling that will bring your interior spaces to life.

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Serving Newcastle, Hunter Valley Region and Central Coast

Outdoor Tiling Services

Your house exteriors offer visitors the first impression of your property. We provide a professional exterior and outdoor tiling service to enhance and beautify your exteriors. Outdoor tiling can be challenging due to the prolonged exposure of the surface to various weathering elements such as water, air, Australian sunshine and wind. We consider all factors in creating impressively, stylish outside tiling that will define your taste and personality and stand the test of time.  Check out Kitchen tile floor installation.


Water seepage can damage the structural integrity of your buildings and pose health challenges from the mould and mildew. At Tilers Newcastle, we offer sound and professionally-installed waterproofing that will keep the dreaded moisture out for years to come. Whether you are looking for sound waterproofing for your laundry, kitchen, bathroom, pool or alfresco kitchen, you can trust our expert and fully licensed waterproofing contractors to deliver the very best. We are certified in all facets of commercial and residential waterproofing including for terraces, balconies, garages, bathrooms, kitchens and building structures. You can be safe in the knowledge that your waterproofing needs are in qualified hands.

Tiling Renovation

The damaged and chipped tiling does not just ruin the aesthetic appeal of your interiors and exteriors. They are also a health and safety hazard. We fix old, damaged or broken tiles and leave your space looking new once more. We can help you find exact match tile replacements and flawlessly fix them on your surfaces. 

Tiling Removal

Are you looking for expert tiling removal and strip out service? Talk to us today. This is one of our specialties. We are trained and equipped to provide a clean stripped out tiling removal service using the best tools, specialized equipment and safety gear. We do everything from removing the flooring to concrete grinding service to offer a clean and safe surface where you can do your re-installation. 


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