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Bathroom remodelating involving floor and wall retiling. White ceramic tiles.

Bathroom tiling is a tedious job. It can’t be done quickly without the help of professional tile setters. From fixing loose toilet tiles to installing shower wall tile, you will need an experienced tiler to do the job with perfection. Whether it is a shower floor tile, bathroom wall tile, shower regrouting, or any other tiling work for that matter, at Tiler Newcastle we can effortlessly execute for you.
We deliver the best tiling services in Australia. We provide tiling installation and remodelling services for both small and large projects in residential as well as commercial areas. We strive hard to provide high-quality bathroom tiling renovation and ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Thing to be aware when Renovating your Bathroom

When it comes to bathroom replacement or tiling bathroom floor, measurements are more important than you think. Even if homeowners have basic knowledge on tiling floors or walls, the experienced professionals have a hand in how your tile flooring will look like when finished.
All in all, it will depend on several factors, including tile size, total area to be covered, evenness of the floor or wall, size of the window, etc. Unless you are a licensed, factoring in all these, you can’t get the expected end result.
A tile contractor will start the project by measuring your bathroom area and advise you on the design and particulars while also counting on your budget. 

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Why Bathroom Retiling?

Retiling the bathroom might be one thing you have been putting off. Some people don’t even realise that it’s time for bathroom restoration. Here are a few indications why you need to opt for tiling bathroom floor and walls:

  • Stained Tiles can be problematic and hard to clean.
  • Discoloured Grout will start looking shabby, while also being able to pick up stains.
  • Moulds are possibly the most crucial reason of all, which will give out odours.
  • Cracked or damaged tiles can cause leaks showers.

Why using tiles in your Toilet?

As you know, tiles are an integral part of any bathroom. According to Renovation Douche QC, tiles can be installed almost anywhere in your bathroom. From tiling bathroom floor or walls to shower floor tile to shower wall tile, no place in your bathroom doesn’t need tiles.
They are among the most versatile routes to add texture and design to your bathroom restoration project. Before starting your bathroom improvement job, look at the various tile options so that you get the expected look. 

Renovating your Bath? Things you should know...

Before you start your bathroom tiling job, you need to prep it. You can tile over a variety of surfaces and textures, but the surface preparation is crucial.
To start with, you must level your lavatory. Otherwise, complications may occur. Also, it’s essential to keep the walls of your toilet moist-free, dust-free, as well as grease-free. This will facilitate the adhesive to stick well, thereby aiding it to last longer.
To prepare your bathroom for a tiling job, we will:

  • Look out for wall hangings like nails, screws, and other fittings and steer clear them.
  • Remove any loose plaster and wallpapers.
  • Watch out for damages and cracks.
  • Fill any larger cracks through rendering.
  • Sand and level down the wall.
  • Get rid of dust and heavy particles.
  • Vacuum clean and wipe the surfaces.
  • Prime the surfaces before tiling.

Note: Here, the layering will involve applying one layer of filler, let it dry completely, and then apply the next layer.

Tasks Involved in Bathroom Tiling

The different tasks involved in a bathroom tiling are as follows:

  • Demolition for complete removal and disposal of existing tiles and fittings
  • Wet area installations like toilet tiles renovation
  • Necessary waterproofing before tiling installation
  • Maintenance services to bring the new look back to your tiles
  • Bathroom regrouting/shower regrouting to make any tiling look brand new
  • Tile cutting and boreholes to make the tiles fit into your style

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