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re you looking to upgrade your business premises with beautiful and luxurious floor mosaic? Or you want to enhance your wall with brand new tiles? At Newcastle Tiler, you’ll find a professional team of contractors to help you out with your commercial projects. We understand you are looking for a job that is going to last.

If you want a durable and extraordinary looking material, you should consider tiling your floor. We do commercial tile installation for every budget, from inexpensive porcelain mosaic to extravagance natural stones. The tiles selected must be relevant to the decoration of the area they are installed. They should also be suitable in durability for the application they are appointed. Call us, and we can discuss your plans and ideas. We can also advise you on the best ways of saving money with your project.

Commercial Tiling Contractors in Newcastle

What differentiates us from other commercial tiling companies in Newcastle is that we are customer orientate. If you need after-hours tile installation, you can count on us—no disturbance to your business and the best quality guarantee.

The main reason why tile flooring is so widespread in commercial interior flooring is because of ease of cleaning. Safety also plays a significant role in it.

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When do you need Commercial Floor Tiles?

  • Is the floor area exposed to water? If yes, tiling your floor should be your best option.
  • It is a dense traffic area, like the entrance area or a hallway?
  • Is it outdoor or indoor? Exposure to the element could be a critical issue when deciding your commercial floors or walls renovation

Commercial Tiling Renovation in Newcastle

When we talk about durability, floor tiles are a must for commercial applications. Flooring tiles can easily handle intense usage and significant traffic. For a tile floor to look brand new, it only takes cleaning. Our commercial tile installation, even after extended periods of use, still look they were just finished. From the feature wall of your shop and entrance area to any workspaces and customer toilets, they look fresher with tiles. All your commercial needs will be covered with our broad range of tiles options. We have endless tiles design options and styles for your business. Once you make up your mind about the design, our expert tilers will get to work and deliver a perfect tile finish surface that will last for decades, and it will recure very little maintenance.