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Tilers Central Coast is the one-stop solution for all your tiling needs. Whether you require tiling floors or tiling walls, we have got you covered. We can even help you with the tiles repairs and tiles removals. So you need not go through any problem. Tilers Central Coast also provides several services to fit your demands. With the assistance of our experts, you get nothing less than the best tiling solutions.  

About Tilers Central Coast Contractors

white and grey square pattern tiles installation in Newcastle

When we talk about tiles, there is no better name than Central Coast Tilers. We try to see the place through your eyes. Therefore, we offer tiling solutions that suit your expectations. 

You build your home or office with a lot of love. That is why you ensure that each part of the property looks flawless. Tiles can help you with this. They provide great ambience while staying the same for a longer time. The most exciting factor about tiles is that they can be used in any section. You can opt for tile flooring, or you can place them on the walls. They look equally good everywhere in the place. 

We are in this industry for some time now. Having worked on hundreds of projects, we know exactly what clients are looking for. It is not just tiles installation. Tilers Central Coast also offers other services like tile removal and repair. Whether it is your bathroom floor tiles or kitchen tiles, we will get everything fixed. Once you hand over the work to our team, you can sit back and relax. So you need not go through any hassle or worries.  

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tiling contractor propertly measuring tile sizes
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About Central Coast, NSW

You know how fabulous the Central Coast is if you already live here. In case you haven’t ever visited the place, you have missed out on a lot. From tourist spots to adventure activities, there is nothing that this region doesn’t hold. In simple terms, you can’t ever get bored in the city. Even when you are a resident here, you can still get the holiday vibe with the rippling of waves on shores. 
You just need to take a 30 minutes drive from Newcastle to reach the city. Or it will be a 90 minutes drive if you are in Sydney. Once you get to Central Coast, you can enjoy the following:
  • Beaches: These are the major attractions of the place. You can enjoy the water or listen to the waves every other day. There are no more calm places in the world as compared to city beaches. 
  • Food & Drinks: What is a place without good food and great drinks to accompany it. Central Coast offers you a variety of restaurants with bars and breweries. You can’t get enough of both food and drinks here. 
  • Breaks: From luxury accommodations to dining to day spas, the city is full of luxury escapes. You can easily find places where you can relax and rejuvenate yourself. 
  • Shopping: You simply can’t miss this factor. The marketplace provides you with a variety of options to choose from. You can pick essentials for camping or get some gallery gifts.  

Bouddi Coastal Walk

bouddi coastal walk Newcastle

Australian Reptile Park


Museum of Art and Culture Lake Macquarie (MAC)

If you want to enjoy the beautiful environment, Bouddi Coastal Walk is perfect for you. It is an 8km walk that begins from Putty Beach and ends at MacMasters Beach. A few things covered in this journey are:

  • Shady rainforest
  • Sweeping views
  • Exciting picnic spots

This walk serves as an excellent opportunity for photographers. There is no part of the walk which can’t be captured as an astonishing photograph. You can spot some migrating whales from the lookout of Gerrin Point. There are also a lot of wildflowers to spot. The two campgrounds give you a fantastic experience here. The first is the Putty Beach campground, and the second one is Little Beach Campground. 
In case, 8km seems an extensive hike; you can break it into three parts. 

  • Putty Beach – Maitland Bay: 3-Kilometers
  • Maitland Bay – Little Beach: 3.5-Kilometers
  • Little Beach – MacMasters Beach: 1.7-Kilometers

The entire walk will take about 3.5-4.5 hours on the grade 3 tracks. Depending on your preferences, you can visit the area at any time of the year. Different durations will let you spot other things on the walk. For example, colourful wildflowers are expected in Spring, while winters show you migrating whales. Plus, the temperature may vary between 9-26 degrees Celsius according to the season. The area has seen the highest rainfall of 246mm. You should consider the conditions if you are planning your trip in the rainy season. 
To keep you and your family safe during the walk, you must take proper safety measures on the beach and bushwalking. 

Lake Macquarie Cruises

When you get tired of your working routine, you can visit the Australian Reptile Park. It is the most fantastic place for a day out with the family. You can enjoy different activities while being surrounded by gorgeous reptiles. Here is a small overview of the things that can be done at the park:

  • You can walk with the 66-years-old and 165 Kg massive tortoise, Hugo. He is a Galapagos tortoise who came to the park when he was an infant. Hugo generally eats high fibre foods like carrots, lucerne hay, bamboo stalks, and hibiscus flowers. He is the main attraction of the park. 
  • You can also take pictures of and with the animals. Some furry and scaly friends allow having professional photography with them. Thus, you and your family will have the chance to capture those memories. 
  • You can go for an adult keeper program. Under it, you can cover several activities in the park. Plus, it will be with a group of up to 14 people. So you can imagine the fun. On top of it, you will get an experienced guide to get you through the tour. 
  • There are some kid keeper programs as well. So while enjoying the adult keeper, you can leave your kids with their guide. As per your kids’ age, they will be given a suitable tour and guide. 

The ticket costs $39 for adults and $21 for kids. If you are with family, you can opt for family tickets that are price efficient. Also, there is an annual pass for people who can’t get enough of the park.  

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The Entrance: Pelican Feeding

A very popular activity in the area is the pelican feeding. Located at The Entrance, it starts at 3:30 pm every day. The exciting thing is that the site holds its own colony of pelicans. That is the reason for the activity to be one of the major tourist attractions. Plus, pelican feeding is both entertaining and educating. Hence, you won’t ever get bored with it. 

How did the Pelican Feeding Start?

Clifford’s fish and chip shop’s staff began the trend of feeding pelicans over 20-years-ago. They used to provide the pelicans with scraps on each day. After that, Jimbo’s Seafood took over the task. The pelican themselves crossed the road and went to Jimbo’s for their fish. As it became a tradition by 1996, The Entrance Town Centre Management took its responsibility. They designed a Pelican Plaza that was nothing but a feeding platform for the birds. 
Currently, the management works with various sponsors to ensure that fresh fish is fed to the pelicans every day throughout the year. You may think about what they get from this feeding activity. The answer is simple, i.e., pelicans’ health check. Through this entire process, the volunteers examine the well-being of these birds. In case they find any pelican injured, they provide it with immediate help. So the birds can be saved from tangled hooks or lines on their body parts. Plus, it is always a fun activity for people to feed the pelicans.  
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Services we provide at Tilers Central Coast

Moving back to the foremost thing you want from us, i.e., tiling services. As we said before, we cover all your tiling requirements. Once you are in our guidance, you don’t need to worry about anything. We take care of the most crucial factor, which is customer satisfaction. Our professional team tries to provide you with the most suitable solutions for your needs. Our services are intended for you, and we work accordingly. So you don’t have to complain about any mistakes again and again.


Plus, we offer 360-degree services related to tiles. Whether you need to install, replace, or remove them, we are there to help. We will ensure that the work gets done correctly. Therefore, you won’t have to deal with any trouble. Some of our services are the following.

Outdoor Tiling by Tilers Central Coast

cut-to-size stones, large format tiling installations and mosaics

Placing tiles on the outdoor isn’t like installing them on the inside. The significant difference between the two is exposure to the environment. Therefore, outdoor tiling requires a different solution for them. Here are a few factors our experts analyse before tiling your outdoor space:

Pool: If you have a pool, the outdoor floor tiles need to be non-slippery. They also should be resistant to water so that they don’t get damaged soon. 

Garden: If you have a backyard garden, the Beaumont tiles should be able to protect it. These will enable you to move around without destroying the greens. 

Easy Cleaning: If nothing else, the simple tiles can be placed in your backyard. This will make the cleaning process more manageable. 

As per your requirements, a suitable type of outdoor tile is picked. Usually, these tiles look at outdoor elements like pavement, stone, or concrete. Our solutions will make your house’s outdoor look much better.

Tiles Removal Services

If you think tile installation is a hectic process, you haven’t experienced tiles removal. There are various factors that our professionals take care of while removing the tiles. A few things that make us unique are:

  • Tile Removing Process: According to the condition of your place, we will recommend a suitable removal procedure. If you agree with the terms of removing tiles, our team will start with the work. 
  • Dust and Dirt: It wouldn’t be wrong to state that tiles removal is a messy process. You will have to see a lot of dirt and dust around the place. Our team will ensure that you don’t feel any discomfort. Thus, you need not worry about anything. 
  • Tiles Removal Cost: Our costing system is fair and honest. We don’t hide anything from our clients. Therefore, you won’t encounter any misunderstandings at the end of the work. 
cutting tiles size to fit bathroom floors

Kitchen Tiling Contractor

timeless choice rectangular tiles installations

Kitchen tiling renovation is the process that enables you to get an entirely different kitchen. However, it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea to do the work properly. Things that our experts offer during kitchen tiles’ installation are:

Checking For Connection: Water pipes and electrical wires are the two most dangerous things in the kitchen. As they are hidden inside the walls/floor, they can’t be spotted easily. Hence, our professionals either ask you about the connections or check for them. In either case, they ensure no damage is done. 

Sealing The Area: To keep you and your family protected from the dust and dirt, our team may recommend sealing the area. If you have kids or pets, you shouldn’t let them wander around the kitchen. 

Perfect Solutions: We offer you solutions as per your requirements. So according to the floor or kitchen splashback, the best type of service will be provided to you. 

Tilers Central Coast is a Bathroom Tiling Expert

Just like the kitchen, bathroom tiling also has different requirements. Various factors decide the whole process of installation or renovation. We never recommend you to get this job done by a naive tiling contractor. They will end up ruining your bathroom. On the other hand, our experts are trained for:

  • Prepping: Even before the removal or installation of tiles, there is a little preparation process. This includes tasks like checking the fittings, removing nails or screws, etc. These small tasks make the procedure more convenient. 
  • Waterproofing Bathroom: Your bathroom needs to be waterproofed before installing the tiles. It helps in avoiding some long-term problems. Any unprofessional tiler may not be able to do this properly. 
  • Fitting The Tiles: Finally, the installation process starts. You can expect our professionals to provide the best service here. They ensure that no Beaumont tiles look ill-fitted or wrong in your bathroom. 

Commercial Tiling

To impress your clients, you need a decent-looking commercial space. Commercial tiling is the best way to do this. Whether it is about your place’s wall or its floor, we got you covered. There are a few factors that affect commercial areas:

  • Durability: The sections like the entrance or hallway of your place are exposed to more stress. As they encounter a lot of interaction, they can get weak with time. You will need to invest in them if you don’t opt for professional tilers. Our services will ensure the high-durability of these tiles. 
  • Ambience: The way your place looks matters a lot while attracting customers. Therefore, you need professional tilers like us who can create a seamless space for you. 
  • Perfect Solutions: Just like your home, different sections may require other tiling solutions in your commercial area. Our experts will take care of that and work accordingly. 
professional tiling services for all kinds of surfaces including lobbies, showers, patios, countertops,
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Whether you need a bathroom tiler or outdoor services, we can help you out. Contact us today to know more about our tiling services. We have both phone and email. You can reach us according to your convenience. At Tilers Central Coast, we are glad to offer you information on our services or a free quote. 

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