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How often does one get the opportunity to take control of how their surroundings- workspace, bathrooms and other areas of living-look like? Not usually, right? With a rare opportunity like this, you want to make the full use of it and channel your inner creativity. This creativity is even more critical when it comes to Floor and Wall Tiling since it’s the first touchpoint of many people with your space.

Floor and walls are the first things you or your guests lay their eyes upon when entering your home. This truly is a definition of your designing taste and class. It is also a much more cost-efficient alternative to redesigning your space without going through the hassle of breaking it down. By changing just your floor and wall tiles, you can completely change the outlook of your area. With so much at stake, you don’t want to mess up this opportunity by entrusting it to the wrong person.

Our floors and walls tiling services

Our company operates 24/7 throughout the year to help you with making your dreams come true. We promise to provide useful and prompt solutions to all your tiling problems. Our staff shares the same vision where we prioritize your needs above anything else.

All of our team have been trained rigorously to the highest standards and thus provide unparalleled services. With plenty of experience on hand, even your most outrageous ideas will come to life. Here we work together for making your dream space a reality.

Whether you want to redesign a commercial area or your own home, our company has got you covered. Our experienced staff would help you tile your living room, workspace, bathroom, kitchens, garage, and outdoor surfaces. All of these services are available at a very cost-efficient price, making it even more accessible. Our projects are focused on delivering on your expectations at the right price. 

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Another important aspect of our services is providing you with the right material for your tiling needs. Skilful quality is just half part of the full equation. With the right equipment at our disposal, we can provide not only low cost but lasting quality. Contact us to get more information on our tiling services and get all of your queries answered. 

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How do we do floor and walls tiling and things you need to take care of?

A professional tiler and the right material are all one needs to make or repair an area. There are a few differences when it comes to tiling floor and wall. For example, floor tiles are more robust and less smooth than wall tiles, so approaches to tiling them might be a little different. Here we discuss the general procedure of how the tiling process is carried out.

  1. Before starting the job, one needs to check for all the flaws in the surface. The surface needs to be smooth, level and free of any debris. Appliances such as the doorjambs need to be checked for clearance so that the process of the tiling is continuous and uninterrupted.
  2. The next step we do is identify the centre points of each wall in the room. Center points on the opposite walls are connected through a chalk line running through the centre of the room. Then a row of loose tiles is laid out from the centre of the room till the walls. Then the tiles are cut according to need; this helps in a better and efficient layout.
  3. The next step is applying the adhesive in the right amount and matter. What we do is to take only the amount of glue we would be using in the next 30 mins. This would help in not wasting materials. Then the trowel is held at a 45-degree angle, and the adhesive is spread. The excessive paste is then removed, leaving behind a smooth surface ready to be tiled.
  4. Following, we proceed to cut out tiles according to one’s needs. If the cuts are of full-length nature, better to use a rod saw for best results. Tiles need to be marked with a pencil before initiating the process; this way, we reduce errors and improves accuracy. After cuts are done, carborundum stone should be used to provide a smooth finish.
  5. Now that all the prerequisite steps have been performed, it is time to place the tiles. The installation is started from the centre of the room and completed one grid at a time. Tiles are then laid out skillfully, leaving spaces between tiles and walls. All laid tiles are then tapped to level. The excessive adhesive should be removed, and the tiles should be allowed to settle down for at least 24 hours.
  6. The last and final step of this whole process is grouting. It is the process where all the spaces left between tiles are filled with material. The grout is forced properly down the joints and allowed to settle. Excessive grout is then removed with a damp sponge to smooth the surface.
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