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From Shower Restoration to Floor and Splashback Renovation, Newcastle and Hunter Region NSW

Are your tiles looking a little outdated and in desperate need of a renovation? You might think it’s a relatively simple job – but IT’S NOT! Don’t even think of saving a buck by doing the job yourself. Hire Tilers Newcastle, a professional team to help you plan and select the right shapes, colours, and designs for your project.

We offer our clients high quality residential and commercial tiling solutions. No job is too small or big for us. Our team of industry professionals are skilled in responsiveness, efficiency and have vast knowledge in providing world-class workmanship. We always pay close attention to detail.

We use durable and top quality materials as we have good relationships with leading tiles manufacturers and suppliers. Our extensive range of domestic and commercial installations will exceed your expectations. Our priority is to provide stress-free and tailored services.

Our expertise lies in refurbishing kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, pools and outdoor areas. The continuous training we offer our tiling contractors meets Australian standards. Our company provides affordable and competitive rates. We take deadlines very seriously and handle all projects efficiently.

Tiling is not an easy task, and there are many factors involved. From choosing the right materials, which perfectly match the interior and exterior of your property, to the unique layouts and the equipment needed to fulfil the task. Any Tiling project is definitely challenging for people outside the trade.

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We know that there are several reasons why a client would want to renew their floor or wall tiles, but above all, it is for satisfaction and comfort. Enjoying your space and feeling comfortable is essential and creating a beautiful ambience is what we know how to do.

Our tiling process is seamless. Once the client contacts us, we set up an appointment and visit their property. We then assess the situation at hand and identify the damages. We look out for structural deficiencies and see if we need to install new tiles or fix the existing ones. Depending on your budget and style, we help you select the tiles that you will need for your renovation. These could range from ceramic, granite, marble, vinyl or porcelain tiles. Durability and resistance are essential.

We create a suitable tiling restoration plan for the client, and once they give us the go-ahead, we send them a quote. Whether they need replacements or complete installations, we ensure quality work. We guide them throughout the whole renovation process. Our focus is to work closely with our customers and provide accurate and positive results.

Different tasks are assigned to each contractor on the job; this allows the project to be completed in a timely manner. Once the team members are aware of their roles, the project starts. Once we have approvals, the clients’ furniture is carefully removed, the room is cleaned up and prepped. We always start by finding the centre of the room, so that we can take accurate measurements and decide the layout. At this stage, we would have considered the type of mosaic and tiling grout that we will use – this is all dependent on the type of floor or area we are tiling. We then lay the tiles out on a levelled out floor with spacers before applying the glue.

We mix the mortar and lay it out to settle. We apply the mortar to each section and place each tile in place. We do this because it dries out quickly. In our prior analysis process, we determine the size of the tiles according to the size of the room. There are different kinds of tiles in our collection that we offer to each client.

After that, we continue by cutting the tiles which don’t fit perfectly, with a tile cutter. Once this is completed, we make sure that the tiles are in unison. We allow the tiles to dry for a couple of days before we grout. We pick a grout that matches the colour of the floor and spread it across each section as we need it to fill the spaces in between. Lastly, we wipe away the excess grout with a damp cloth.

We take into consideration the deadline assigned to us and work hard to finish on time. We never let any project fail us.

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