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The Kitchen is the one place in the whole house where everyone is allowed without any ifs and buts. Well, everyone except for the kids, who knows what they might open or start on their way exploring the Kitchen. Because for them, everything is an adventure.
Moving forward, one of the most critical and painstaking things in this process is kitchen tiling. Yes, kitchen tiles will see the highest footprint. For when there are guests over, they will come at least once in the Kitchen. There are water pipes underneath, the dishwasher, and the refrigerator. All of the heavy stuff is kept in the Kitchen.
It makes one wonder “what all I have to do to get the best kitchen floor tiles.” Well, that’s what we will discuss here today. So, stay tuned.

What does kitchen tiling renovation involve?

Well, kitchen remodelling is a tedious task. It is a 9-step process. But at the end of it, you will get to stand inside a whole new world. Here, we are going to talk about the tiling part. To start with, we will have to remove the older tiles. 
Removing the old tiles must be done with extreme caution. Well, even though Asbestos has been banned in Australia since 2003, if your previous tiles were imported, then they may have Asbestos. So, we will have to tread with caution.
After demolishing them, we go for making some adjustments to the floor. Prepare it and then install the new floor and kitchen wall tiles. Yes, in a kitchen, the job does not stop at floor tiles. It also includes wall tiles and kitchen splashback tiles that are installed at the back of the sink. 

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organized residential house with tiled floors installed
kitchen renovation with newly installed tile materials
kitchen area with newly installed tiles on the ground

How are the kitchen floor and splashback done?

Curious about our kitchen tiling process? Well, here is it. 

  • First, we test the floor for the presence of Asbestos. Asbestos is dangerous for your family and us. If there is Asbestos in the previous tiles, we take the necessary action and precautions while removing the tiles. The whole area is sealed off until the demolition is over. 
  • To get rid of the existing tiles, we can take any approach. The manual method, where we will start ripping the tiles apart with a chisel and a hammer. Or we can also employ a state of the art machine that takes care of everything at once. It demolishes, collects, and disposes of the tiles in one go. This way, there is less dust and pollution. 
  • Once the floor is ready to be restored. We prepare the surface with backer boards (if needed) with a thin-set. 
  • Next, we lay the tiles on the floor with spacers horizontally, line by line. At first, it is done temporarily to get the right estimate. If everything is smooth and set, we lay the tiles permanently. 

What do you need to do while we renovate your kitchen tiles?

Well, for one, you let us know what you would like so that we can work accordingly. On the other hand, you must take some precautionary steps. 

  • If you have kids or pets in your house, it is best to keep them away from the work area. 
  • While we are working on kitchen tiling, it is best to seal off the area for access. 
  • You may need to tell us about the water mains and other sorts of pipes, electrical connections so that we do not cause any damage to the existing infrastructure. 

Why do people choose to re-tile their kitchens it has been said before, a kitchen is the most visited area of the house. So, if your Kitchens old, rusted, and dishevelled tiles, it is best to replace them. 

  • People who are looking to have a full kitchen renovation. 
  • Keeping up with the latest trends. 
  • Kitchen floor tiles replacement is essential if you want to get a higher value for your house. 

What surface of the Kitchens tiles?

Majorly, the kitchen floor is covered with tiles of different sizes and colours that are matched with the overall house decor. Then we have kitchen wall tiles, the splashback tiles (installed at the back of the sink). 

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