For most of us, there is no such place in the world that could replace the comfort and peace you have in your home. Of course, we all spend so much time outside our homes during the day, so the exact point is to make your home your perfect getaway retreat from daily troubles.

One specific area can help you rest and recover probably much more than you think – your bathroom.The master bathroom is often underestimated since we spend significant time in this room for hygienic reasons. But, cracked tiles and damaged wall colour can ruin the feeling of comfort for you.

It is reasonable that your bathroom may need renovation, considering how much it is exposed to water and steam every day. However, you won’t believe how much you can change with the simple improvement of shower tiling and other peculiarities that will make your bathroom much more appealing than it is now.


Painting and Bathroom Fixtures

​Among many components that you could choose to renovate in your bathroom, wall paint, and bathroom fixtures could make a significant aesthetic change.

Nowadays it is possible to find a waterproof paint for bathroom walls since the water exposure could damage the walls or cause mineral deposits to form. And you undoubtedly wish to avoid those issues.
Also, a pleasing paint shade is known to reduce stress, so you should try searching for the lighter version of the classic bathroom paints such as the blue or beige colour.

On the other hand, all kinds of bathroom fixtures can also add up to your comfortable bathroom sensation. For instance, if you install small round led lights instead of standard dull bathroom lamps, you can make a beautiful but affordable change. Search for the soft lights since bright shining could negatively affect your mood.

Moreover, you could improvise and add more glass-made elements for better overall looks. You can change the faucet design, toilet design, shower tiling, or toothbrush holders. With a little imagination, limits are endless.


Floor and Wall Tiles Bathroom Renovation

​The tiles are among the most critical aesthetic bathroom elements that you should consider changing if you are conducting a bathroom renovation. Old ones could be cracked because of the constant water presence, so you should carefully choose the best waterproof shower tiles and wall tiles for your bathroom.

There are countless exciting ideas for bathroom tiles design – you could, for instance, install all kinds of tiles in shades of blue colour to create a sensation like you are inside a small beautiful pool. Again, waterproofing is crucial here since you don’t want to change your tiles all over again in a year or two.

For flooring options, choices are various as well. You could fit the entire look of the bathroom if you install similar floor tiles in terms of colour to make an excellent combination with the wall and shower tiles. Possibly the best choice for the floor could be larger tiles than those on the walls, but fitting in colour.

Looking for a Complete Renovation?

​As we mentioned before, it could be helpful for you if you fit the shower tiles with the floor and produce a summer-like sensation like you are on some pool. That is just our idea, of course, but for any similar design that you could come up with, serious bathroom renovation plans come in as well. Maybe you will even need a complete renovation.

However, as much as it can be a tiresome process, just think about how great your place of rest could look like when renovations are complete.
Always look for components that will give you significant space in your bathroom since you don’t want to feel like you are trapped there. Larger free space in your bathroom could add up to your feeling of comfort.

Furthermore, you can fit the entire shower or bath with the overall new bathroom design and have some delightful after-work evenings in the tub. After the tiling and new bathroom fixture instalment is finished, as the finishing touch, add some scented candles and enjoy a relaxing bath that pleasures all senses.


Bathroom Renovations in Newcastle

​The specialists at Newcastle Tilers are experts in this field and will undoubtedly provide the best possible tiling and bathroom renovation work for loyal customers.

There are some bathroom elements that you could change and install on your own. However, you should hand over the tiling process to professionals to get the job done in the best possible manner for you.
By putting your trust in Newcastle Tilers, you are already halfway there intending to renovate your bathroom to be the place of rest and joy for you and your family.

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